Remindr automatically sends reminders about last blog entries on social networks, like Mastodon or Twitter.
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Remindr automatically sends reminders about last blog entries on social networks, like the Mastodon or (Twitter). For the full documentation, read it online.

If you would like, you can support the development of this project on Liberapay. Alternatively you can donate cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC: 1A7Uj24MpoEkzywPtmPffNvC7SfF4EiWEL
  • XMR: 43GGv8KzVhxehv832FWPTF7FSVuWjuBarFd17QP163uxMaFyoqwmDf1aiRtS5jWgCiRsi73yqedNJJ6V1La2joznKHGAhDi

Quick Install

  • Install Remindr from PyPI

      # pip3 install remindr
  • Install Remindr from sources (see the installation guide for full details) Installation Guide

      # tar zxvf remindr-0.3.tar.gz
      # cd remindr
      # python3 install
      # # or
      # python3 install --install-scripts=/usr/bin

Create the authorization for the Remindr app

  • Just launch the following command::

      $ register_remindr_app

Use Remindr

  • Create or modify remindr.ini file in order to configure remindr:

      ; Default visibility is public, but you can override it:
      ; image=false
      ; image=false
      ; if you only need on image for all tweets/toots
      ; for using different images given the language
      ; fr_image_path=/home/chaica/fr-blog-carl-chenet.png
      ; en_image_path=/home/chaica/en-blog-carl-chenet.png
      en_prefix=Still On My Blog:
      fr_prefix=Toujours sur mon blog:
  • Launch Remindr

      $ remindr -c /path/to/remindr.ini



This software comes under the terms of the GPLv3+.