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  Carl Chenet 9ae33644e5 bump version and update version 4 weeks ago
  Carl Chenet 475bdae925 add __init__ for scripts dir. fixes #62 4 weeks ago
  Carl Chenet 02dc5f7887 add 0.16 description 5 months ago
  Carl Chenet a8958f914b bump version 5 months ago
  Carl Chenet 72100f4cac register_feed2toot_app: --name, --user-credentials-file and client-credentials-file CLI options and documentation 5 months ago
  Carl Chenet 38f6ddb355 update changelog 5 months ago
  Carl Chenet 22cf7b4208 update author email and copyright 5 months ago
  Carl Chenet 32fd92e9e2 bump to 0.15 5 months ago
  Carl Chenet 9b0e31b0e9 Merge branch 'cmiksche-master-patch-36978' into 'master' 5 months ago
  Christoph Miksche 45bb623f86 fix issue when only uri_list and no uri is configured 5 months ago
  Carl Chenet 990da8796c Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master' 10 months ago
  Procyonid cfd3f17162 Fixed minor writing errors. 10 months ago
  Carl Chenet 4602d4d9dc bump version and update CHANGELOG 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet 4ed27c721f add explainations for no_tags_in_toot, toot_max_len and line break in toot 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet 976fc03224 fix truncate messages 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet b7430f3b10 add no_tags_in_toot configuration parameter to remove hashtags from toot 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet 86ca0f14b6 new conf parameter toot_max_len to truncate toot max length 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet 9249e00152 interpret linebreak. fixes #42 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet 3c0412a4ff remove useless imports in main 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet 267d5cd496 document --limit CLI option. fixes #30 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet b4ab6a84b6 update CHANGELOG and bump version 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet f47618dfe2 release the lockfile before exiting when using --rss-sections option. fixes #47 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet 15415e369a bypass ssl security while fetching invalid https url 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet bae51858e6 fix typos in readthedocs url. fixes #46 1 year ago
  Carl Chenet b0de8058ba bump version, update changelog 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet 5243ac4ea7 fix missing default vale for case sensitve pattern matching 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet 5c29dfed8d fix plugins 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet 3b5e66af40 push code from main to new modules 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet ec664e24d3 fix typo in the warning message when the parent directory of the cache file does not exist 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet b7f3b20f57 add 0.11 in changelog 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet 4048bd9abd bump version, write doc, write changelog 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet 64f33ecfac Merge branch '45' to solve bug #45 about sending multiple times the same message to Mastodon 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet 898ff9b7f1 update copyright and supported python versions 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet 8dbf986b34 use a lock file to check if only one feed2toot process runs at a given time 2 years ago
  Carl Chenet 04d5441be4 mention contributions by Matthias Henze 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet 31831f0934 add Matthias Henze to the list of authors 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet 1f33975a90 bump version 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet 5137eae311 add 0.10 description 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet dab028bcfe add addtags in [rss] section and use of new syntax {field.xx} 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet 273cb28e57 Merge branch 'mahescho-01' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Matthias Henze affc3b6d28 allowed toot formating and made tags optional 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet 1741b5321e update changelog and bump version 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet b302388df7 Merge branch 'filter-html-tags' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet c548e0cecb add [media] parameter and bump to 0.8 3 years ago
  Matthew Lorentz d66415e2f4 Added code to strip html tags from RSS fields 3 years ago
  Carl Chenet 5af950ee30 bump version and update changelog 4 years ago
  Carl Chenet e8ed25027c fix wrong variable name. fixes #23 4 years ago
  Carl Chenet c811653d31 change bitcoin address 4 years ago
  Carl Chenet 485cff0af6 add missing os module import 4 years ago
  Carl Chenet a9c88f3cd1 improve short and long description 4 years ago