A set of script to download content from Archive.org
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An archive.org dowloader using python and async for maximum performance.


archiveorg-dl requires python >= 3.6 to work:

pip install git+https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/archiveorg-dl.git


# print help
archiveorg-dl --help

# download all original mp3 and ogg files from the freemusicarchive collection to /destination
archiveorg-dl download "collection:freemusicarchive AND mediatype:audio" /destination --original -e mp3 -e ogg

Download queries

The download command query argument is passed directly to archive.org. Refer to the corresponding documentation to craft your own queries.

Mirroring the Free Music Archive

This CLI was initially written to mirror the Free Music Archive collection. If you want to do that, we recommend adding "jpg" to the list of downloaded extensions, to ensure you have album covers:

archiveorg-dl download "collection:freemusicarchive AND mediatype:audio" /destination --original -e mp3 -e ogg -e jpg

You can run the following command afterward to ensure all covers are named cover.jpg:

find data/music/ -iname "*.jpg" -execdir cp \{} cover.jpg \;