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The Egg and the Promise

Sep 26, 2019

As the mvmt wears on, many Hkers have started to feel depressed. Art has been an avenue to express this pain, but also a way for us to tell each other - you matter, you are not alone, we will walk this path together. 1/7


The mvmt started out with loss. Mid June, a protester in a raincoat fell to his death. Later that month, a woman killed herself because of the protest. The bright yellow raincoats that you see in the HK protest art signifies their deaths and our grief. 2/7

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As the months went by and the police brutality intensified, and the world seemed to have lost interest in our city, many HKers got increasingly depressed. You may not be able to see our tear under our masks and goggles... but I hope you can feel it in the art. 3/7

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Art helps us express the despair, but it can also offer us hope.

This is where the egg comes in. It's based on a quote by Murakami: "If there is a hard, high wall and an egg that breaks against it... I will stand on the side of the egg... 4/7

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...Why? Because each of us is an egg, a unique soul enclosed in a fragile egg... We are all human beings, individuals, fragile eggs. We have no hope against the wall: it's too high, too dark, too cold. To fight the wall, we must join our souls together for warmth, strength." 5/7

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For those who're struggling, our art reaches out to tell them, you are not alone. We are all here to listen. We are all standing behind you, here to catch you when you fall. 'Not one less' isn't just about our political demands, it is about you too. So stay alive. Please. 6/7

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Stay alive so that we can see our promise fulfilled - to one day meet under Legco, maskless, free. When you see our art refer to the 'pot bottom', that's what we usually mean. The promise that we stay alive to see a future that's free, a future where the frail eggs win 7/7

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