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The Revolutionary Bestiary

Nov 2 2019

"In the year of 2019, the HK Resistance by sheer will summoned a variety of creatures great & small, to protect & guide them. In this bestiary, we highlight those that had some bite."


(Warning: The frog appears.)

The Mongoose

Newly discovered for the mvmt, the cute-but-vicious creature is usually found taking down reptiles. It was accidentally summoned after a (tongue-in-cheek?) FB post suggested it may improve our Feng Shui, killing the snake-like architecture arnd the city.

Defining characteristics of the mongoose is its smollness & furriness. Special powers include shapeshifting - not a native to HK, artists hv taken some liberties w/ its looks - bear, possum, otter... they're all mongooses, fighting snakes while looking fierce & cute. 🥰😍

The LinPig

LinPig is a native of LIHKG, HK's Reddit, but has since migrated to all areas. It's often found around Lennon Walls, given its people-loving nature. A common creature, easily identifiable by its pig ears, pig snout, & trotters - it's a pig, if you can't tell.

Legend has it that it arose as a mascot in Yr of the Pig, based on clip of a dancing uncle- this explains its frequent pose of arms flung out in mischievous joy. LinPig waddles around naked, but is known to don clothes - black t-shirt, helmet, mask... a stand-in for HKers.

The Lindog

Another native of LIHKG - cradle of life for mascots - the Lindog can be recognised by its dog-like shape. It's usu. a golden Shiba Inu, but also comes in a grey variety. Origins & powers unknown, but it does cosplay as popo every now & then, bcos cops = 'dogs'.

The Linblob (? real name lost to the ages)

Also LIHKG, but less popular in the art, bcos it's a blob. Most often sighted is the green blob, but yellow & blue morphs are known to exist. Super powers include confounding future historians trying to explain what it signifies.

The Lionbird (獅鳥)

The Lionbird was born of smoke & salt. It's the patron beast of those who want to resolve an issue privately (私了), homophone for 獅鳥, after it became apparent HKPF was ignoring violence inflicted on pro-democracy HKers.

Lionbird sometimes has head of lion & body of bird, other times vice versa. Myth says it's the spirit of the sleeping Lion Rock, sent to us in our time of need. It's the most dangerous beast in the menagerie, red in tooth & claw. Do not approach if you see it in the wild.

Byebuybird (? 罷鷲)

Originally wrongly id-ed as a sub-species of Lionbird, cryptozoologists now see Byebuybird as its own species. Its name means to boycott/strike & is also a play on the Canto phrase for 'let it go'.

Byebuybird is a fearsome eagle, although often hard to differentiate w/ Lionbird unless both present. Its special powers inc. rallying HKers to boycott pro-govt shops. It's a peace-loving creature, although petting it is not recommended.

Long Long, The Great Dragon (? 長龍)

Allied w/ Byebuybird, it's actually many creatures, not one, formed by HKers making long lines outside pro-democracy shops. Bcos of this, it varies in size & shape, but is identified by its loyalty & support for its local community.

The Frog, Pepe

A non-native, the frog has been a symbol of resistance, peace & love in HK, confusing many who hv only ever known Pepe's evil twin in the West. Like the LinPig, it's found everywhere, & often takes part in human chains, holding hands in solidarity w/ HKers.

Special powers inc. being a miserable wretch that inspires hope. It's the most expressive of the creatures in the menagerie & is known to smile & cry for those arnd it. Yes, it looks a bit shifty given its twin's history but close observation suggests HK species is harmless.

After mths at this, we know who we are, what we want now. HKers are small like the mongoose, mischievous like the LinPig, ordinary like the LinDog, full of righteous rage like the Lionbird, united as one like the Great Dragon... and hopeful for a new beginning like Pepe.

Update, Nov 29 2019

The Quiet Chicken (靜靜雞 / 靜雞雞)

The Chicken was first summoned during the PolyU siege... but we don't talk about it. Unlike other Divine Beasts, it doesn't really stand out in appearance, and sometimes hides under disguises... but we don't talk about that either.

The Chicken's special power is discretion. Its name is a play on the Canto phrase 'to do something quietly'. The Chicken is there to remind us that escape routes, supply lines, safe zones - these don't need to be broadcast to the world. So if you ever see the Chicken - shhhhh! 🤫

Update, Dec 2 2019

We have more Chicken.

"Quiet Chicken is smart, be like Quiet Chicken." 🐔🐔🐔

Source: << not telling you>>

Update, Dec 20 2019

A family picture of HK's divine beasts! We have LionBird, Long Dragon, Strike Eagle, Quiet Chick, Meerkat (no, it really should be Mongoose), and also Happy Fish, which sounds like "raining" in Canto, and... well when it 'rains', better have your umbrella ready!

Update, Feb 25 2020

We’ve not had a good piece of Divine Beasts art in a while! Quiet Quiet Chicken manages to hold its own among the dragons and griffins and somehow look heroic 😅 - bravo to the artist

Update, Apr 29 2020

UPDATE: We finally have a proper bestiary compiled in Chinese! 'Happy fish' still confuses me a tad, but it's nice to see it in the mix! 🐠🐠🐠

Update, Jun 7 2020

Since we're talking about BEES. Not all critter that wants to become a Divine Beast gets to enter the pantheon. 密密Phone- "secretly phone"- appeared in Dec & was designed for a trolling strategy that's not worth talking about. It never caught on.