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Oct 10 2019

We’ve frontline 'braves', but the real revolution in HK is being undertaken by courageous men & women who're standing up to talk openly abt sexual assaults by the HKPF, breaking taboos. I believe their stories. We must not fail them.


Rumours of sexual assaults by the HKPF have been swirling since Aug. Our art illustrates succinctly what these attacks boil down to - an asymmetry of power that allows perpetrators to demean and more importantly, silence their victims with absolutely no consequences.

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But the city has rallied round these victims of assault. In Aug, we held a big #ProtestToo event which gave both women & men a platform to give their testimonies abt the violence inflicted on their bodies and psyches. We supported them, we welcomed them, we believed them.

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Bcos we can all see the asymmetry in power now, even those whose wealth and gender had previously made them immune to it - & therefore blind to it - before. We understand that when someone feels they can crush you with force, they will find so many other ways to violate you.

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Our art here links sexual violence to the physical hits & verbal abuse we've suffered at the hands of the HKPF in the last 5 mths. The shot to the eye, the one to the heart, being called an 'object'... Sexual assault has become just another weapon in the HKPF's arsenal.

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But we're uncowed - our art shows many going 'fuck it'; we'll keep telling the world the truth. #metoo is abt power asymmetries but we must not wait until we're at the powerless end of a dynamic to empathise. We must believe victims now.

We speak up, we wise up, we rise up.

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