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MTR Posters

Oct 4, 2019

Gallery of some of the MTR-signage art that also shows the evolving concerns of HKers through the last few months. All from TG.

These were from right after 21 July, when thugs attacked HKers in Yuen Long station, while HKPF looked the other way.

t19-p1 t19-p2 t19-p3 t19-p4 t19-p5 t19-p6 t19-p7 t19-p8

These are based on Timothy Snyder's book, 'On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century'. It's a great example of our protest art doing double duty as encouraging civic education!

t19-p9 t19-p10 t19-p11 t19-p12

These are aimed at the HKPF...

t19-p13 t19-p14 t19-p15 t19-p16

And of course, our 5 demands get represented too. Well, 4 of them here at least:

t19-p17 t19-p18 t19-p19 t19-p20

And all the mvmt's slogans, as well as anthem:

t19-p21 t19-p22 t19-p23 t19-p24