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Love in the Time of Chaos

Sep 28, 2019

Righteous anger has been an un-depletable fuel driving HK's mvmt. Less written about is the other mushier driver - love. It sustains us, it unites us, and it allows us to keep hope alive through the long night.


Romantic love can blossom even in the harshest environment. HK protest art of geared-up lovers highlight the resilience of HKers & the surrealness of it all. They're young ppl who yearn to be carefree, but history has given them responsibilities to bear, and they can't say no.

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Fraternal love can also be seen. No one gets left behind - 1st pic here shows episode where HKers carried a brother out of LegCo who wanted take on HKPF alone. It cld be a weakness - HKPF now targets girls, knowing frontline will fight to free them- but it's also our strength.

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Love on the frontline is also about helping HKers (and sometimes reporters!). Our art frames our volunteer first aiders and 'firefighters' as heroically as they do of our frontline 'braves'... because they are heroes, expressing love via their ability to help & protect.

t11-p8 t11-p9 t11-p10 t11-p11

The most amazing aspect has been the displays of empathy from HKers. The elders who shield kids from the HKPF. The 'Ubers' who pick up HKers stranded after skirmishes. Those who offer food and clean clothes, provide sanctuary, point out escape routes... all done out of love.

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There’s also love for one's homeland. Patriotism has never been a 'thing' in HK, but #GloryToHongKong, our new anthem elicits the closest thing to it. HKers weep while singing, hands to their heart. The words adorn our art - HK is our city, it says, and this is where love is.

t11-p16 t11-p17 t11-p18 t11-p19

But sometimes love fails. The more heartbreaking stories from the mvmt involve young ppl whose parents are staunchly pro-establishment. Relationships strained, some have been made homeless. These posters appeal to love - 'are you a govt-supporter or are you my mother/father?'

t11-p20 t11-p21

It's easy to see how HKers may lose sight of what's kept us united as mvmt drags on; love is hard, and hate is easy. But I'm also hopeful - love has made HKers achieve extraordinary things in the past months, to forgive mistakes and learn to be better. Long may it sustain us!