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Non-image threads

On NSFW HK protest art

Jun 24, 2020

NSFW HK protest art exist - but they also tend to be super sexist, or feature actual sexual assaults.

As @bobbiharlow and others have pointed out, stuff like this is not a blip and is representative of a streak of misogyny within the movement...

... along with 'protest art' that's just dripping with outright homophobia or racism.

These are issues that the HK mvmt will need to confront, but has so far been bad at doing, partly because anyone pointing these things out get automatically accused of trying to divide.

Those artwork are not HKers at our best.

But I think they also illustrate how wide the tent for 'democracy for HK' actually is - racists & ethnic minorities, homophobes & LGBTQA, misogynists & feminists, right & left... all working towards one goal.

That's not to say this is 'right'. Our non-Han or mainland allies, queer folks, women... none of them should have to deal with the abuse that gets hurled their way in the course of activism, or, you know, IRL.

As someone who's vowed to catalogue everything ,warts & all, I made myself look at the most vile stuff that we've put out. Some of the stuff got so increasingly hateful in Feb I just had to stop for my mental health.

I won't subject any of you to them.

On the intended audience

Jun 25 2020

I notice there has been a growing Discourse on this topic within HK Twitter, so here's my 2 cents.

But also to our friends outside HK, I think it's good to point out for every pamphlet & art you see on here, there are 100s that circulate locally that's... well, just for us.

Canto tweets are important!

Not all 文宣 is directed towards outsiders. Most is just for us - to let us know that we're not alone, that we are loved in this fight.

Do what feels right for you. 🙂

I just ♥ your puns & really want the world to know you're a funny duck, hehe