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  1. # Stand with HK
  2. *Oct 6, 2019*
  3. What's all the fuss about? This picture represents HKer's fight for democracy, told through the lovely logo.
  4. It's made of 5 '人' (people), suggesting solidarity.
  5. ![t22-p1](images/thread22/t22-p1.png)
  6. They also look like ☂, one of the classic icons of the movement & the Umbrella Movement 5 yrs ago.
  7. There are 5 of them to represent each of our original '5 demands' (list has grown since then)
  8. - complete withdrawal of ELAB
  9. - independent inquiry into police brutality ...
  10. ![umbrella-poster](images/thread8/t8-p1.jpg)
  11. ![t22-p2](images/thread22/t22-p2.jpg)
  12. - retraction of riot characterisation
  13. - release of all arrested protesters
  14. - authentic universal suffrage
  15. We've seen it before in [my thread on the bauhinia]( Flattened out like below, it looks like a morning glory, & harks back to our crowd-sourced anthem, #GloryToHongKong
  16. ![t22-p3](images/thread22/t22-p3.png)
  17. ![t22-p4](images/thread22/t22-p4.jpg)
  18. But the globe shape for the logo is important. It shows all the people of the world, hand-in-hand, united. Because the fight for human rights, for dignity, for democracy is universal.
  19. Fight for freedom. #StandWithHongKong
  20. ![protest poster depicting masked brave throwing back a teargas canister](images/thread9/t9-p2.jpg)